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The Dream Weavers Choice
 by Jan Egerton

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A thrilling and pulsating story of the battle between power hungry, mayhem seeking, carnage loving vampires and TransNormal vampires who wish to integrate with the human race.
The TransNormals have been living among humans for years without detection until one day an arch enemy, Levi returns to the shores of Britain.
Levi’s mission is to recover a relic which will restore power to the vampire race. Unbeknown to him he is also being used by the Olders who want to take control of the TransNormal’s organisation the VLLO by using an army of NewBorns, their only purpose to destroy the human race through a series of bloody massacres …..
About the Author
Jan Egerton currently works as a Company Secretary for a civil engineering company based in the North East of England. She was diagnosed with Mesothelioma, a terminal cancer in 2004 giving her a death sentence under a year to live. She has managed to survive the odds trying various  standard and non-standard treatments.
Currently in remission from her latest treatment she has taken up her love of writing and is working on her second book, The Vial of darkness ( Bear Boy 2)
She likes nothing better than spending her days with her husband and two dogs, Bear a Newfoundland and Lexi a German Shepherd.
Thank you for buying this book, in doing so you have supported the work of the Mick Knighton Mesothelioma Research Fund.
For more information on her battle for survival you can find Jan at
British Lung Foundation
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